How To Make Your Home Smart And Automated?

Home automation is one of the niches that slowly starts booming as almost 30% of Americans already have a device that automates something in their home. From the top down bottom up shades automated to automatic heating system that you control wirelessly – almost anything can be automated today.

That is why we have prepared this article for you as we want to help you to understand how to make your home smart and where to start.

What is considered to be a smart home?

The smart home is a home that contains smart devices that allow the automation of certain tasks or remote control. For example, we can have the remote control of the lights inside of the house or we can use the security cameras that work only upon movement registration.

Tablet On The Couch

Tablet For Smart Home

The variations are endless and basically, whatever you can automate, it makes the home smart. More than 89% of the apps are controlled via smartphones, using the dedicated apps that you download from the store. Each device that you control remotely has to be added to the application so you could control it.

How to automate your house and make it smart?

The first thing is to understand whether your house at this moment has smart gadgets so you could know where to start. If you have one or two devices, it means that you already headed somewhere, so the job will be a bit easier, mostly because you are familiar with these devices.

If you don’t have any, a good place to start would be determining your budget. Some of the things can cost a lot of money and for this reason, you should know your money limits. After that, decide what you want to automate and make smart. If it is security, write down everything you need. After that, do some research on your own to get familiar with some of the terms and gadgets so you could talk to the experts once they come to install equipment.

What can you make smart?

Best Smart App For Home

New App For Smart Home

Now, to cut long story short, we will explain to you what systems you can make smart and automate them. While some of these may require more money, it is possible to make them smart and have your house available for remote control. These include:

· Lights
· Heating/cooling
· Doorbells
· Security cameras and surveillance
· Outlets and electricity
· Locks
· Other.

One of the trends at the moment are the smart locks for your home. Instead of using the physical keys, you will use your smartphone to unlock the door. Additionally, you can see anyone who has entered the house as well as the historical record of the activity. Should you need an additional key for your guest, you can send them e-key so they can download it and open the house. This way of locking/unlocking might be strange to some people, but tech-savvy people will love this as there is no need to carry around the physical key that you are afraid to lose.