Guide to a perfectly organized home

When the mess is taken away from every attempt at control, we know it’s time to dedicate ourselves to a more detailed arrangement of the house. But if you are one of many that don’t have the time for such detailed constant work, we do suggest carious services like maintenance company in Dubai. Now, if you are ready to tackle a few things, we present you a seven-day plan that will ease your job:

Entrance hall

The first place that you and your guests see is, most often, a real “magnet” for dirt and mess. Therefore, any habit with which the regular creation of a new mess can be avoided is more than welcome. Start by opening the mail as soon as you enter the house and, best of all, with the garbage can in order to immediately drop advertisements and all that you do not need. Put the invoices in a drawer or a box for them. At the end of the day, move from the lobby everything that does not belong there.

Kitchen and Dining room

In this room the most housework takes place, so it’s no wonder that it is always the dirtiest. For detailed cleaning, try to get some of the parts that you’re less likely to get: drawers under the oven, most shelves in the tray… Pull off excess plastic ice cream vessels and similar food, arrange dishes so that your daily use is easier. Transfer garbage bags from the far corner of the tray in the closest bucket – so regular discharge and replacement will be easier.

Regardless of whether you use it regularly for dining or is more often lunch at the kitchen table, keep in mind that your space is worth the amount you are using with joy. Therefore, disconnect children’s toys, a bunch of mail, books that are waiting for you to return them to the library and arrange for yourself a pleasant corner for doing home administration or hobby.

Bedroom and Children’s room

The mess in the bedroom is what you do not mind even if you cannot see it! The curbs under the beds, chaos in wardrobes and a bunch of old decorations – plush toys, framed photographs of children, parents, pets – disturb our rest and peaceful sleep. That’s why detailed storage must include ejecting all unnecessary items from your fashion haven and the sleep and rest areas.

The skill of decorating the children’s room is not in the organization of sterile space, because such a room is just not fun. So, do not deprive children of joy and enjoyment in toys, but wisely split all of their cars, dolls, and cubes into several groups that you will rotate – let two or three groups be packed in neat drawers or boxes, and one is valid as “with which children play the most”. Thus, the mess will be smaller, and they will always enjoy in “discovered” old objects and characters at every “rotation”.