6 Interior Decoration Mistakes Everyone Makes

Making interior decoration mistakes is something everyone is afraid of, but how do you go about it and avoid it? There are many mistakes that people make in interior design, but after years of experience we have found that some of them are more common than others. That being said, if you know your enemy it is a whole lot easier on you! So meet the mistakes that almost everyone make when they decorate their home, so that you can learn how to avoid them!

Decoration That Lacks Personality

Many people hire designer to do their home interior decoration or choose pieces that are completely impersonal and this is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make. You would want your home to be the reflection of you, your family, your interests and your personality. Making your home impersonal will make you feel like a stranger in a museum. So it is definitely a big no-no and a mistake that you can avoid just by choosing the details that really speak something about you.

A Strict Palette Of Colors

Those who stick to one palette of colors risk to live in a very boring-looking home. If you choose to stick to one palette of colors, use a pop of another color to give your home some much-needed personality. For example, if you are really fond of earthy tones, break-up the routine with a pop of vibrant color and your home will look so much better.

A Home Which Is Too Perfect

Taking notice of each detail is not necessarily bad, but you risk making your home a bit too perfect. A little bit of mess can give it some variety and a homey feel. If you really make everything picture-perfect, you will not end up with a perfect home, but with a sterile home that lacks that true personality.

A Hot Mess

tableThe other extreme is making your home a real hot mess. So take it easy with decorum. You need to find a balance when it comes to details and decorations, otherwise you will not get a polished look. If your home has too many details chucking some of it away could work for you.

Too Much Effort, Lack Of Style

Some people put so much effort into styling their home, when they in fact lack style itself! It could turn into a disaster.

Elegance Vs. Functionality

You need to make your home both elegant and functional, beautiful and easy to enjoy, working this balance can be difficult for some.