3 Easy Modelling Tips That Increase Home Value

The real estate market is growing everyday and a lot of people want to sell their houses. But how is it possible to increase your home value? The easiest way is to hire an estate expert or remodeling agency that can suggest you a home improvement project that will boost your home design with new things and features. In this article, we will discuss the simple projects that you can do that will give your home a higher price tag. If you are not sure about it, you can always hire an agency like Crucial Engineering Ltd and have the professionals remodel your house. They are specialized in remodeling and redesigning of homes, so be sure that they will boost your estate price.


Kitchen remodeling

Yes, the kitchen is the heart of the house and it should be one of the largest rooms in your home. Now, when speaking of remodeling, we don’t mean investing $60k in the appliances and overall design. We think of simple remodeling that can give additional value. An old traditional kitchen can be boosted with some small projects, you don’t need to buy the whole new set. The best thing, before you sell your house, is to talk to potential clients to see what they think of the kitchen and how would they make it. Their opinion should be your starting point for the kitchen remodeling. They actually tell you what to change and stick to that. This can get you the additional amounts of money in the range of $5k to $70k.

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More bathrooms

Your house should have more than just one bathroom and the more you have, the better! Just another one could increase the price by 80%. Never make your bathroom small! Instead, make it at least 20 square feet if possible. Large ones have more than 35 square feet but keep in mind that it takes a lot of money to make another bathroom. Installing a hot tub can significantly improve your price tag so you might want to do that. Of course, it all depends on accessories you have and the plan, so when you decide to make a house, make sure you have at least two separate bathrooms.


Energy-efficient windows

The old and traditional windows are the past now so make sure you change them immediately. Energy efficiency, in any type of project and design, greatly increase the price. The average replacement of  a regular window with energy efficient one can cost anywhere between $5k and $10k. Not to mention that this raises the overall price, but is also saves your bill on heating during the winter. Consider Energy Star company as they are a distinguished and professional team that replaces and services energy efficient windows. These are not cheap although as we said, but they do really increase the price and make your home more modern and efficient.


Never regret any good investment

Investment in remodeling can be a great cost, especially when you are on a tight budget.  Everything you invest will pay off one day, that is for sure! Just make sure you decide to repair/remodel the right thing in your house. Otherwise, you throw your money.